i honestly can’t believe any of these things are still up for debate after 8 months but:

  • mary didn’t just omit parts of her pas that she thought weren’t relevant to john; she lied about her entire history, presented him with a false name and persona, and actively held back…

So. Very. True.  Why would anyone still be trying to debate any of this?



#5 – Forever stars Ioan Gruffudd, a fantastic actor with an unforgettable name

Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd stars as the enigmatic Dr. Henry Morgan. Henry is the literal definition of tall, dark, and handsome, with an accent to die for and a charming sense of humor to boot!

#4 – Henry has a…

Best reason for watching ABC’s new show Forever? IOAN GRUFFUDD!!!



Hating Moffat actually seems to me like hating various things just because people “like them” without any context or proof and without ever stopping to think about why you actually hate it. Is it what’s depicted in the story or the writer himself, is it because you don’t like where the story is…

I, for one, have never understood that “I hate Moffat” mentality.  People rail on about having to wait 2 years for each season of Sherlock, and they blame Moffat.  When I have seen this on various social media sites, I usually post remind people that the wait is due to the fact that our 2 main actors are incredibly popular and busy, so why not get on them about it and hate THEM?  No one ever has an asnwer for that, so my guess is that the mentality has made Moffat an easier target to blame, and after all, we’d never “hate” our 2 actors, would we?